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I've lived in France since 2001. It is true that 10% of the population of France is Islamic, and there are women in headscarves and strange drab overcoats in the hottest weather. But like 90% of Muslims worldwide would prefer, these are people who are here for "liberté, égalité, fraternité". France also has the largest Jewish population of a European country.

France enthusiastically supports UN efforts to keep the peace, notably in Africa, where the Congolese wars have cost 4 million lives since 1998. France has always been the great country of diplomacy and supports just, negotiated and multilateral solutions rather than "shoot first" solutions which regretably seem to have become accepted in my home country, England.

Cheeses are just as smelly in Germany and Switzerland, by the way. French cider is also great, but I'm sorry to say not the beer. And, American obesity would not be what it is without French Fries!

If anyone comes to live here, you will encounter the great character of modern France, the "labyrinthe administrative".
Vive la France! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!
by Lodowick July 28, 2005

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