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1 definition by Lisafly 27

An immature, whiny white male primarily raised in the suburbs who is very unmasculine and is more like a woman. Most white guys force their women to engage in one sided, sadistic and mutilative sexual acts that border on sexual abuse. They believe this behavior to be romantic. Most do not know how to treat a woman. The majority of white guys are very selfish,materialistic and have overinflated egos. They believe they deserve the finer things in life simply because they are white. Also, they like their women to be frail thin with no curves or shape. A prerequisite to dating a white man is being 5'2 and weighing 100lbs. Generally speaking, these types are very vain, shallow, and prententious.
white guy,loser,coward,immature
by Lisafly 27 March 05, 2011
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