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When an older guy fucks a young girl, usually a virgin and during the act she pees. Think Senior with a Freshman.
I'm sick of these loose bitches, I need to find myself a pee girl.
by Lindsay Lu August 03, 2006
While giving head the girl bites down and does not stop until the bastard appreciates her.
I was suckin' off Nate last night when he called me Jessi.
I cock jawed him till he screamed my name
by Lindsay Lu August 03, 2006
After chaining your broad to the toilet, feed her a laxative, and wait. While waiting shave her head. Then superglue the hair to her body in "Wookie like" patterns. Then unchain her and give her anal love, then catch the diarrhea in a fish bowl, and feed it to her. Then continue on with the anal love until she goes "grrrrllll"
I woke up bold and my ass was aching. I realized I had been subjected to a Chewbacca.
by Lindsay Lu August 03, 2006

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