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2 definitions by Lilly Vuori

A radio show hosted by Bam Margera and his friends. His show is very explicit, and very raunchy. It is on Mondays @ 7:00 pm EST Time. His show normally talks about sex, and sexually acts ect. There is never a moment when no cussing is going on.

This show is not ment for toddlers or you granny.
ONLY ON SIRIUS RADIO. Channel 28 Faction.
Did you listen to radio bam last night?
Yeah it was awesome!
by Lilly Vuori May 12, 2008
Another name for Myspace, because it is always undergoing maintnance, and it sucks
dude have you got on myspace lately?
nah its gay space
by Lilly Vuori May 12, 2008