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Finding a Female Teryl is a rare treasure. Teryl is a female name that represents a reliable and loyal friend. Teryl's like to plan ahead but easily adjust when situations change. They will be the first to help and the last one to leave a party to help clean. Female Teryl's have open-minds, but will not bend their own values. Teryl's are family grounded and tend to be the hostess with the mostess. Having a female Teryl as a friend will ensure there is always someone to count on. Although they have a good sense of humor (mostly filled with sarcasm), you won't find a more competitive person. You can count on her to be honest, even if it's brutal. They like to flirt and tease.
In trouble? where's a Teryl when you need one?

We have to be the best, Where's Teryl?

I need a friend to confide, I'll call Teryl.

Looking for an honest opinion? Call Teryl.
by Life is a beach May 26, 2010
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