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Someone who is Jamaican, Bangladeshi, Korean, Jewish or (even better!) of mixed race, is ethnic, right? Then it follows that anyone who ticks that incredibly boring box "white" on forms is NOT ethnic... i.e. ethnically challenged. I feel so utterly conventional every time I do it. Spare a thought for these people, will you? It's hard being so mainstream, sometimes I pretend my Celtic roots count, but I am only lying to myself.
"I wish I was a cool as *ethnic person*, but unfortunately I'm ethnically challenged."

"Obama is of half black, half white. This makes him more ethnically challenged than a normal black person, but then again McCain is completely off the scale."

"Conan O'Brien is more ethnically challenged than Jon Stewart, I suppose in the media it's all relative though."
by Liamness June 10, 2008
A pseudo-polite term for a person who was conceived by mistake. The term implies that this 'accident' was one of the best mistakes their parents ever made.
'Dave's just a tear in a condom mate, that's all he is.'

'I'd prefer to think of him as a happy accident.'
by Liamness October 14, 2009

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