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The most amazing and talented man ever. Super hot and a member of The Beatles in 1963- 1970. They broke up because of his stupid second wife. He started and failed art college. If you don't know who John Lennon is, you have serious problems because you looked him up. He is not God, nor is he anything close. He was talented, amazing, hot and funny. Despite what a previous definition stated, he was not mean but slightly tempermental. He had two sons and two wives. His sons were John Charels Jullian Lennon and Shawn Lennon. His first wife was Cynthia Lennon and his second was the demon woman, Yoko Ono. He was shot and killed in front of the Dakoda building in New York. He was shot twice in the back, twice in the shoulder and one bullet missed.
John Lennon was amazing and if you don't agree, you suck with great intencity.
by Lennon Lover February 19, 2010

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