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The young men whose website has pissed numerous hundred people off in it's short existence, caused uproar and scandal in the Knowsley area and whose guestbook is home to such legendary figures as Delta Burger and Positively Polarised. They can also freestyle rap any unfortunate opponent into the ground.
"You see what it says about Currybum on the Playerz website?"
"I wouldn't want to mess with the Playerz, yo."
by Legend Killer May 30, 2004
A state of mind, achieved through various methods such as contemplating the legitimacy of gravity, resulting in visions of space bunnies and anti-gravity spirits. To do a Porl is to communicate with said space bunnies via telepathic means, and to be informed the world will end within 30 days.
"See, the spirits grab the object being dropped, then throw it down, thus giving the illusion of 'gravity'."
"Shut up, Porl."
by Legend Killer October 23, 2004

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