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2 definitions by LavEville

1) The third of anything. Third date, year, month, anniversary, etc.

2) An explanation of what seems like a very long time
"What an amazing triliquy this was."

"This is the triliquy test I took all day"

"I've been up since triliquy this morning"
by LavEville December 09, 2009
6 1
The combination of a nerd and a dork.

This is a positive word. Not a negative word!
"Wow, you're such a Nork"

"I'm a Nork and proud!"

"I'm such a Nork when it comes to music... Especially the lyrics"

"It's cute how Norky you are when you (inset activity: i.e. read comic books)"

"You're such a Nork-lover"
by LavEville December 11, 2009
15 79