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1 definition by Lauren MS

Spree Day occurs at Clark University during spring semester. It is a day when classes are cancelled, livers are destroyed, and a carnival is set up on the green. Faculty attempt to keep it a secret but students always end up finding out the exact date. This is convenient since trips to State Liquor are always a must. On Spree Day, students run rampant around campus, drunk by 8 a.m., sober by 4 p.m. and ready for another round of drinks by dinner. Perspective students beware, spree day is off-limits for those under the age of 18.
Damn! I'm getting shitty at 7 a.m. on Spree Day!

Spree Day? It's always a secret. I wish they'd tell us when it was so I could plan my trip to State Liquor.

Last year on Spree Day, my boyfriend rode the mechanical bull in his underwear.
by Lauren MS April 16, 2006