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This is a key guide to living a sucessful life.

After reading some of y'all's comments, I am disappointed that Jesus TRULY, REALLY DID DIE ON A CROSS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO RATHERED HIM BE KILLED THAN A MURDERER!!

After all, a lady in Subway really did tell me: It is better to believe and no one be there, than to not believe and He be waiting. Where do you think you're going to go when you die? EXACTLY!! Heaven and Hell do exist. Just make the right choice. It's not worth it to pay being miserable and "tormented all day and night" as it says in the Bible, for leading a rebellious life. Just think about eternity.
The Bible states:

...the unbelieving will never inherit the Kingdom of God. Their place will be in the firey lake of burning sulphur.

Romans 21:8
by LaSheenuh June 21, 2006

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