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Antifa is a group of skinheads generally made up mixed color/culture and consist of mainly White, (biracial Black/white), Jew, and South American. Antifa's view life as a struggle, that needs to be fought through; against the racist/Neo Nazi, white supremacy, racist-Skinheads. They are well known for not being able to hold any sort of protest or demonstration without becoming rowdy, damaging property, or attempting to use violence. Antifa’s engage in physical confrontations with Nazis, such as members of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA). Although Antifa are considered Skinheads; they do not participate in racist activities. Antifa’s believe it has more meaning to fight with the strength of the body and using your fist opposed to using weapons.
Antifa generally listen to Punk music.
Likely to have Tattoos or skinhead crucification, piercings, most have Mohawk or shaved heads.
by La punk de France April 20, 2008

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