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1 definition by LW for LIFE

hydrocodone dipped blunts filled with purple haze or whatever type of "piff" chronic you can cop.
shake dawg yous a clown you coward, i back you down like dwight howard, you better retract your statement or ill fire, cuz LW be in the 609 and we higher, than your uptown Ny cuz we lay down giants, like the patriots will wrap you up like fiber wire, call me hitman its my weapon of choice you better get a step stool cuz youll need it to hoist...your level to my level cuz im with my toys you done son cuz now im bout to smoke with my boys out the toys that i call bongs and blunts and hydrocodone coated blunts biotchhh...thats called piff.
by LW for LIFE January 29, 2008