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The terminal portion of the large intestine, extending from the sigmoid colon to the anal canal.
your rectum
kick you right in moralis
by kyle Umgeher January 08, 2006
A thick blackish green liquid/paste made from extracting THC from the cannabis plant (marijuana).
lets smoke some shnik
all my dealer had was shnik, no weed.
by kyle Umgeher January 08, 2006
the stubby end of a penis looking material
veale has penis lips which smoked on a stumpler pipe
by Kyle Umgeher January 09, 2006
A plastic bag attached to a half cut plastic bottle used as a marijuana smoking device
take a hit from the bungi
toke the bungi
by Kyle Umgeher January 07, 2006
meaning of good/great
describing something good
that is aronious
thats aronious
smoking a joint would be aronious
by Kyle Umgeher January 07, 2006

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