2 definitions by Kyle J. Britt

a generally insane person (or animal in cartoons) whose sole goal usually involves one of the following:
a. world domination
b. world conquest
c. world demolition
d. mass death and destruction

he or she usually seeks this in order to achieve fame or fortune. the mastermind is usually defeated seconds before one of the above goals is achieved in comics by a superhero or in movies by an average joe incidentally involved due usually to a love triangle between the mastermind, him and his love interest or a land dispute where the mastermind decides the perfect place for his conquest is the land owned by the average joe.
The Joker, the Brain, squirrels, Lex Luthor, etc. are all evil masterminds.
by Kyle J. Britt July 30, 2006
Tiny rodent-like creatures. Native to most of the Eastern and Mid-Western United States of America. In Florida, they are more populous than all groups of people except the elderly or senior citizens. Generally thought to be dumb, these creatures are actually evil masterminds.
Did you see that gray squirrel? It just attacked that dude!
by Kyle J. Britt March 02, 2006

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