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In Vancouver BC, if you make under $30,000 a year and are a single parent who makes less money then the goverment guidelines for having a certiain amount of kids, then you can apply for goverment housing. Also seniors and people with certian types of specials needs can apply for housing. Most of the people in the projects work hard for there money. All the people who say that the projects are full of low life scums bags are proably rich white people who have never been to the ghetto in there whole life. I lived in the projects, and I do programs for inner city kids, in the projects. I spend 4 or 5 days a week in the ghetto and know how stuff works there. No doubt, there is drug dealers and gangsters and whores and gangbangers, but its not like there walking around shooting everyone who comes into there area. Most of the people there are welcoming of anyone who is there to help make a diffrence. Ive spent hours talking to drug dealers and gangbangers and all that. These people dont wanna be in the projects, no matter how much someone says they love the hood, if they have the oppuirtinty to get out they will take it. Dont get it twisted though, if you mess with someone in the projects odds are your gonna get your head bust, but if you just go about and do your own thing, then you will live. If your good to the hood then the hood will be good to you.
The projects are isolated areas of a city for people with low income to live.

I was in the Skeena projects the other day, and I saw these kids with a pool in there front walk way. They had a hose attached to there washing machine on the inside of the house and they were putting hot water in the pool.

If you have love for the projects, the projects will have love for you.
by Kyle Gredt September 12, 2006

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