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A FAKE "state" that stretches through 4 nations. The land they claim to be theirs belong to the Assyrians and the Armenians. It's in their bloodline to lie about it, however.

They were used as murder puppets by the Ottoman Turks and were used to commit genocide on the Assyrians. After being used as puppets, the Turks decided to invade most of "Kurdistan" to kill them off.

There's approximately 23-31 million of these hooligans in the world, mostly in Turkey, Iran and Iraq. They have an extremely crazy dream of one day forming a nation on Assyrian/Armenian soil. The women are freakishly ugly and the men are too lazy to even work.

Also, ignore the high amount of thumb ups of the definitions here on UD regarding Kurds. Any jackass can post a definition about a random "state" first and give it thumb ups every day, or talk about their ugly women and praise to the rest of the world about their "beauty".
Idiot Kurd from "Kurdistan": man we're gonna form a nation some day on Assyrian soil, maybe even take some from the Armenians. Assyrians are idiots anyway ARE THEY DEAD YET?

Smart person: No. In fact, Assyrians are smarter than you smelly Islamic fucks. And forget about it, you will never form a nation. You guys are too pathetically weak to do so, anyway.
by KurdiFAKE August 05, 2010

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