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Someone who feels that her boyfriend is 'her man' and only her man. Easily gets jealous when other girls are around, even though nothing is going on, they are just friends. Repeatedly accuses boyfriend of being a so-called 'man whore' and thinks of him cheating on her constantly. Always up his butt 24/7 and won't get him out of her sight in fears of him 'whoring around'. Gets mad when he mentions friends, girl or guy, because "nobody can speak to him except her." Always tries to change him, and criticise him.

She doesn't know yet, but he'll eventually dump her controlling ass because she is the one cheating on him, and he'll get with his friends sister, hahahahaha.
Andrew: My friends are taking me to a show tonight.

Jen (Controlling Girlfriend): Are you going with any girls?

Andrew: Yes, a few of them will be there.

Jen: What!? You jiggilo! If you put one foot near that concert it's over! And I mean it this time! No getting back together after three days like always! (will eventually try to get him back anyway)
by Kruton Knutz March 17, 2009
1. A slang term for the name Kristen or Kristun, popular with the Asian Race

2. A good name for a so called "color child". A person who is obsessed with rainbows and should be called a human leprechaun for chasing them. They are unique and most likely have a unique name.

3. A techno whore. Won't stop listening to it even if they get arrested for blaring their music too loud.

4. A term used to describe doing something really stupid.
1. If your name is Kristen, A popular way to spell your name on myspace would be to spell it Kris-tun.

2. Look at that Kristun wearing all of those rainbow bracelets. If I wasn't mistaken I would think that she's gay.

3. Old man: "Aggh. All of that electronic crap blarin' next door must be from Kristun! Ima call the cops!"

4. Oh no! You pulled a Kristun! Hahahaha! *points and laughs*
by Kruton Knutz March 17, 2009

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