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2 definitions by Krazy Akmed

When a woman recieves cunnilingus whilst defecating. The Blumpkina is far more taboo than the Blumpkin because of the proximity of the cunnilinguist to the defecation in progress. It is very possible to get a condition known as Brown Chin Syndrome this way.
My girlfriend really loves a blumpkina in the morning, but I had to stop giving them after I got Brown Chin .
by Krazy Akmed July 03, 2006
A condition caused by giving a Blumpkina. Symptoms include feces on the chin, dicoloration of the chin and mouth, and often, horrible breath. It happens when feces comes in contact with the chin of a person performing cunnilingus on a woman who is defecating.
"I was going down on my girlfriend, but she had a stomach virus and, to make a long story short, I got that Brown Chin Syndrome"
by Krazy Akmed July 03, 2006