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3 definitions by Konata Izumi

When a guy showers a girl in cum.
Self explanatory, cum shower is.
by Konata Izumi May 27, 2009
41 13
A Kryn-Cake is a Cookie/Muffin shaped cake with a blue berry filling. Kryn-Cake's are known for their legendary Mario Kart skills.
*Sees a Kryn-Cake*, "Yum, I'd tap that."
by Konata Izumi May 17, 2009
25 10
Means "What the fuck?" But is used to add humour to the sentence.
Person 1: I just shit my pants.
Person 2: Send da pic.
Person 3: lolwut tehfuck?
by Konata Izumi May 27, 2009
17 15