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4 definitions by Konaharei

1. A fan of Jane Austen's books, such as "Pride and Prejudice".

2. A metallic, non-magnetic solid solution of carbon and iron that exists in steel above the critical temperature of 1333°F ( 723°C).
Claire's favorite book is "Sense and Sensibility". She's such an Austenite.

The steelworker made some Austenite in the factory to produce a new product.
by Konaharei August 26, 2011
4 1
1. To get stuck with the very last pick or settle for something of extremely low quality.

2. Having run out of all other good ideas, to settle for an extremely low quality, crappy, or poor idea.
Did you hear about "The Smurfs"? Hollywood must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel with that movie.
by Konaharei August 10, 2011
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A portmanteau nickname given by Pirates of the Caribbean fans to James Norrington in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'. Coupling of 'scuffy' and 'Norrington'.

Can also refer to a male character who, while once quite clean, devolves into a 'scruffy' look. Said character is usually from a story set in a past time period, but doesn't always have to be.
Damn, I didn't notice him in his powdered wig in the first movie, but now Scruffington is really hot!
by Konaharei December 19, 2013
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A book by Malcolm J. Brenner about his 9-month sexual relationship with a dolphin.
This book illustrates the bond one can feel with animals.

I've owned a guinea pig for a couple years now. Her name is Fluffy, and I'm pretty sure she flirts with me.

After reading Wet Goddess, I now know that Fluffy IS flirting with me and signaling that she wants a more intimate relationship. I told her it's time to stop playing games and let's do this if we're gonna do this. She seemed receptive, so I'm taking her out on a date this Friday.

Look, I know people are going to judge when they see me walking around town with a gorgeous guinea pig in my arms, but whatever. They're just jealous haters who don't understand the bond one can feel with a different species.

There will be obstacles to overcome in this relationship, but there are challenges in every relationship. It's all about compromise. I'm trying to teach Fluffy to stop pooping on herself, and she's teaching me how to drink water from an upside-down bottle.

I implore all people to read Wet Goddess before they pursue an inter-species relationship.
by Konaharei November 01, 2011
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