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Adventoiring is the primary activity of friends of Kody, particularly in the Bend, Oregon area. An adventoire is different from an adventure because an adventure is planned. An adventoire is a state of mind caused by gathering a lot of gear (usually weapons, explosives, flashlights, watermelons, propane tanks, fire blankets, first aid kits, camouflage uniforms, cameras, and GPS units) and cramming it all into a car. One then goes adventoiring, which is the act of driving around without any particular direction until you find something in need of being explored, blown up, shot at, or photographed (but usually a combination of all of these things.

An adventoire is also different from an adventure because it is more rad and inherently has a much higher chance of causing severe injury or death.
Stop being a breeder and come adventoiring with us.
by Kody Kalashnikova September 19, 2007
A factory of ug. Generally used to refer to someone who's main product is a face full of something that makes you go "UGH" such as macne, obesity, or just plain ugliness.
Was he hot or an ugfactory?
by Kody Kalashnikova September 25, 2007
A chillbrahchill is, (if a chillbrah is a black hole,) a supermassave black hole through which no rays of awesome may escape. Being designated a chillbrahchill means that there is an emphasis on the chill, which already means you're kind of a boring, apathetic douchebag, but with the additional chill acknowledges that your douchebaggery has exceeded the limits of a mere chillbrah. Chillbrahchills must be excluded from anything awesome or they will make it suck, by listening to reggae, smoking weed, being boring and lazy, and not caring about anything.

One may also be classified as a chillbrahchill if they started out absurdly awesome before descending into chillbrahism.
God damn it, get off your ass and do something! You used to be so awesome, how did you become such a chillbrahchill?
by Kody Kalashnikova September 23, 2007
A chillbrah is the final, black-hole like phase an otherwise interesting person can fall into. Initial signs of brah-ism are the first signs (usually, hanging out with hairy/lame friends who smoke a lot of weed) of becoming a chillbrah. Once the brah infection takes over, a person is still capable of doing awesome things and participating in adventoires, but only when not occupied with their brah friends.

Final phases of chillbrah syndrome happen when the chill, loosely translated as the "fucking boring," phase sets in. This is characterized by being less intense, not caring about things, and responding to most questions with "yeah, it's/I'm chill." Once taken by chillbrah syndrome, a person is lame and hangs out with their boring, lame friends to smoke weed and try to have sex with any moving target with a high blood alcohol level. A chillbrah should not be invited on an adventoire or it will become shitty.

Though there is no known recovery from becoming a chillbrah, efforts may be taken to prevent a loved one from transitioning into the even more debilitating chillbrahchill.
David used to be so intense and awesome before he turned into a chillbrah. Now all he does is drink beer, get fat, and try to date rape underage girls.
by Kody Kalashnikova September 23, 2007
Acne caused by constantly wearing a layer of MAC makeup to cover up minor acne, which then becomes huge and insane and requires even more MAC to cover up, leading to more MACne forever until your face explodes. Common among scene boys and girls.
I thought he was hot, until he came out of the shower and his face was a MACne battlefield.
by Kody Kalashnikova September 25, 2007

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