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Untalented cartoonist douchebag creator of Family Guy. Also the other show named American Dad. (Which is basically another Family Guy with slight alterations)

Extremely untalented cartoonist known for milking out the same lame jokes in his cartoons.
Seth MacFarlane is not funny.
by Knownaim­ May 06, 2009
An overly pretentious person. Someone who is so obviously into themselves that others notice and they fail to realize it.
Seth MacFarlane (the creator of Family Guy) is a total prat.
by Knownaim­ June 10, 2009
The guy who murdered Anna Nicole Smith and got away with it.
Howard K. Stern is a money grubbing scumbag!!
by Knownaim­ April 28, 2009
President Barack Obama, who seems to have scary similarities to Adolf Hitler.
"Look, there's Adolf Obama on TV again with one of his speeches!"
by Knownaim­ June 04, 2009

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