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Nombies are a sub-type of traditional zombies that are wholly dedicated to nomming on your tasty innards (and outtards). They aren't content to simply kill you or eat your brain: any part of you that can be eaten will suffice. Generally they are tougher than normal zombies and will often eat their weaker brethren.

Most zoombies are this.
Zombie: "Braaaaaiins..."

Nombie: "Rwalaahhahafggh...<nom nom nom>"


You: "Oh my GOD there are zombies everywhere!"

Your friend: "Zombies or nombies? Nombies are the ones eating the other ones."

You: "I dunno, um, nombies? How fucked am I?"

Your ex-friend: "Oh yeah, you're real fucked."
by Known em zombies September 28, 2011

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