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A fluorescent, decorative textile band traditionally worn on the upper arm.

The armbarp was first conceived in the Castro district of San Francisco, CA, in 1965. It wasn't until 1987 that the armbarp was recognized outside of this region, when it became the signature wardrobe article of famed WWF/WWE wrestler, "The Ultimate Warrior".
Mean Gene Okerlund: "Wow, did you see that!? The Undertaker just tackled The Ultimate Warrior by his left armbarp!"
by KnigKnog December 30, 2008
When a chick crouches over another chick's face, and abortions all over it.
DAYUM-- jew see dat bitch just hot baby dat otha bitch!? But dat's all good see, cuz there be stem cells in it, and dat otha bitch got leukemia. So it's all benefishal and sheeeit.
by KnigKnog August 11, 2010
proper noun Maker of the best blaugh slaw in town.
I said hi to Barfin' Barb Barnes yesterday, and she just said, "BLAAAUGHHH".
by KnigKnog January 14, 2009
n., int. - Euphemism for diarrhea. Adults tend to use "fliff-fliff" in the presence of children. The onomatopeoic origin stems from the noise created by a fiery blast of explosive diarrhea hitting the toilet water surface.
CHILD: "Mommy, I don't feel so good."
MOTHER: "Honey, do you have to go fliff-fliff?"
by KnigKnog July 02, 2009
interjection Something that smelly hippies shout in the parking lot, prior to an event that attracts hippies.

"Yummy yummy bagels!" should not be confused with "Dollar grilled cheese!"
Dude, that "yummy yummy bagels" chick is kinda hot... She doesn't even have any scabs. I think I'm gonna go talk to her. What should I say? Should I talk about the playoffs?
by KnigKnog January 14, 2009
v. surked, surk·ing, surk·in', surks
1. To annoy one's neighbor with any variety of unpleasant noises.
2. To drive or display an automobile with the owner's name on the license plate.
3. To park a sub-$20K sports car (typically a fire-engine red Hyundai Genesis Coupe) across two parking spots.

n. surker
1. One who surks.
Hey a$$hole, quit surkin' around over there. I'm tryin' to eat here!
by KnigKnog October 26, 2009

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