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a unit of measurement for alphamality
Joe has a lot more alphamalitude than Chris.
by Kinsey R. Sheppard May 29, 2008
A measurement of alphamalitudeamong a group of males to see who should be the alpha male.
no body in this group has any alphamality to lead us to state
by Kinsey R. Sheppard May 29, 2008
A nickname for someone who pimps alot.

a pimp with a large variety of hoes with him
Speaker A: "Jermey can be such a pimp right? look at him with all his hoes."

Speaker B: "he's more like a Sir Pimps alot if you ask me. i can never find him when i need him."
by Kinsey R. Sheppard May 16, 2008
combination of prostitute and slut; someone who uses their "organ" to make people happy for pay when they fell like it.
Speaker A : "sometimes anna can be such a Prostitslut, right?"

Speaker B: " not really, such doesn't charge me all the time like she used too "
by Kinsey R. Sheppard May 14, 2008

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