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To have sex is to put the erected penis into the vagina and to move in and out gradually.
One night, me and my girlfriend were studying in my apartment after a long day at college. When we finish, instead of leaving the asks me to start having sex with her like no one has ever done before ;). So she slowly removes her shirt and the biggest breasts in the world flop out and then her pants come off. So do mine. Then she lays down on my couch and I start sucking her breasts until I'm bored. Then my erected dick starts sliding in and out of her wet vagina...ohhhhh its sooooo good. Then a couple hours later when were both about to cry with pleasure, we finally stop and go to sleep in my bed. The next morning we go at it again but this time hard and fast. That had to have been the best night and morning of my life.
by King of the poons October 10, 2007

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