1 definition by King Geedorah

Given the name by his friend MF Grimm, Daniel Dumile got this persona Metal Face Doom after Dr. Doom (Marvel comics villian). Formerly Zev Love X, MF Doom is his most prolific stage name in which he collaborates with heavy hitters such as the RZA, Danger Mouse, Ghostface, Cee-Lo, Talib Kweli, and many others. Other persona which sprouted from Dr. Doom include Viktor Vaughn (Dr. Doom's real name is Victor Von Doom), and King Geedorah (Dr. Doom's greatest weapon, a space monster GEEDORAH).
MF Doom - "All he had upstairs was a crude light, you think that's weird he lives next door to a food fight."
by King Geedorah February 23, 2008

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