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The defintions of Pikey on UrbanDictionary are generally correct, except for one fact: in Bedford, a Pikey is NOT a Townie. While closely related in personality and instincts, they retain a more mysterious air. For instance, a Townie gang wanders around town starting fights, a Pikey gang will silently close around you as you walk down a dark alley, and usally hang around in thier campsites, swimming in thier own filth.

Pikey Hunting is misleading. What you actually do is scout(or hunt) out thier squatting ground during the day, when it is much less dangerous, then return at night.

I am basing this on the Bedford way of doing things, it may be diffrent in other places. We bring a small group of friends, and the aim is to get as far as possible into the campsite before you go back. You may want to enliven the process by seeing who can get to a caravan door and knock on it, etc. Only for the hardened
Dom crept slowly up to the caravan door, until suddenly he knocked over a beer can. There was a sudden scuffling sound in the darkness as the rest of the group ran for cover. A dark shape was suddenly outlined in the doorway, standing for a moment, then slowly coming down the steps.
by King Cortney October 23, 2004

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