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Jelly Bracelets aren't bad at all. Me and my friends wear them all the time and we aren't going to go sleep with someone. This is really lame and people who want to have sex won't stop having it just because schools are banning bracelets. They will just get stoned or doped up at a party and do it anyways. I have seen my three-year-old cousin wearing the bracelets cuz they are cute and they don't pinch her arms. There is no inner meaning. And if some freako people say there is its because they are too shy to ask about what they want to do so they will make up a stupid thing about innocent bracelets. The people in my school won't even let us wear hair ties on our wrists so that we can't play "snap" with them. This is lame.
I wear them all the time.
by Kimie Goodwin December 13, 2003

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