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it used to mean a gypsy but in the beginning of the new millennium it now means a person that lives in the council flat eg pikey land -the Cambridge Estate in Kingston Upon Thames,London

they think they are hard usually found hanging around in places like McDonalds, the 99p store, primark ,street corners, bus stops, the Rotunda in Kingston upon thames, shitty estates, in Parks, train stations and other places

what they look like
a short way to describe them as peasants in reebok classics but you need to more about what they look like

they have cheap shitty looking nike tracksuit bottoms MASSIVE rings on there fingers from argos
face looks like pizza
think there life is good but it is bad
they think they are rich just cause they have a stolen PS2

they are slags that fuck everybody and they should have about 6 children by the age of 14
have denim skirts about 2 inches long
MASSIVE ear rings you could fly a boeing 747 though them
that all you need to know you will know what they look like when you see them
me *walking down the road with friends then there is is a pack of pikeys outside McDonalds*
pikey *oi u shanky neek r u dizzy u moist cunt*
me* why are you calling me that you trailer park trash*

pikey *ya mum*

me *go back to the 99p store *

pikey *r u dizzy blud*

me* fuck off you dirty waste of space*

*pikey then runs off*
by KieranHegarty October 04, 2008

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