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A scale used to rate girls/boys, measured in drinks, or in other words how many drinks till you would fuck them.

Obviously the more drinks the more drunk you are/ the bigger a munter he/she is. The words 'sober' and 'reavered' can also be used to express your feelings towards someone incredibly hot and the biggest, fatest, smelly bitch goin'.

Simon: Wow, she's not bad. How many deep?
Kevin: 8.
Simon: What? Are you serious?
Kevin: Get the fuck away from me you dickslap
by Kieran Shmeeran September 17, 2005
Alternative to poof
Dave: I'm gonna stay at my grans tonight and watch soaps
Bob: You pood!
by Kieran Shmeeran September 25, 2005
Absolutely fucking wasted
Sean: Danielle is reavered
Danielle: *pukes* ...
Sean: Fancy raping her?
by Kieran Shmeeran September 17, 2005
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