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2 definitions by Kevin S. McKay

Someone who thinks about sex to the point of losing credibility on any other subject.
Can't we stop for a minute and plan our future? All you ever want to do is have sex, you FUCK-TARD !
by Kevin S. McKay December 14, 2007
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Oral sex (female on top position) on a woman who is on her period.
The Cincinatti bow-tie is when a woman, who is on her period, sits on the mans face so that her clitoris is in line with his mouth, thus placing the vagina in the neck area. During the "deed" she leaks blood which trickles down his neck making a "cincinnati" (RED) bow tie mark. (He didn't know she was on her period until he woke up the next morning with a Cincinatti bow-tie.)
by Kevin S. McKay December 15, 2007
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