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it was a graveyard smash
it caught in a flash

a party of monsters guest included wolfman dracula and his son

The coffin-bangers arrived With their vocal group, "The Crypt-Kicker Five"

The monster mash is the hit of the land
For you, the living, this mash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you
The zombies were having fun the party had just begun they did the mash they did the monster mash
by Kenny Luge October 08, 2006
It's now the mash
It's now the monster mash
Dracula: Out from his coffin, Drac's voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the lid and shook his fist
And said, "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"

Bobby "Boris" Pickett: its now the mash its now the moster mash
by Kenny Luge October 08, 2006
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