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Asians associated with rice cars, hello kitty, and cell phones that look like space ships. Most koreans have difficulty fitting in with other cultures and as a result only hang out with other koreans. This results in words like "kekeke", the mispelling of the word "the" (see teh), and beautiful girls who love penises (see black female standup comedy). Their martial arts Tae Kwon Do is translated as "Daycare" and is useless unless you're going to eventually babysit whoever you're fighting, and their language sounds like someone trying to clear a marble out of their throat. Koreans invented kimichi, a meal that smells like aged feces in a toiletbowl full of salt water. Korean males are often cocky with no cock.
Stationery that could make a person go blind, broke Hondas with high mileage looking like optical illusions, written characters that look like someone playing stickball, overpopulated churches, and sentences that always end in "NN-GO-YAH". Hello Kitty should be on at least one of their flags, because its involved in everything else they wear/drive/do. They try so hard to be cute that they forget to brush their teeth...for 10 years.
by KekeKillah March 28, 2005

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