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6 definitions by KeatonXZX

Another way of saying "Fuck you". It is how you type it into a phone's number pad.
You watched Kick-Ass dude? How come you didn't tell me? 382-5968!
by KeatonXZX April 21, 2010
An album by the oh-so talented band Flobots. It is a reference to finding your qualities that are located within you and using them to build a new America.
I just bought Fight With Tools today, and you were right. Best album ever!
by KeatonXZX May 13, 2009
The thing you see when the show Jackass comes on, formed by the "TV-MA" sign and the red "WARNING" sign.
I just realized, the warning sign looks like Maarning.
by KeatonXZX May 08, 2009
The oily residue found on a pumpkin pie when it is left uneaten for too long.
I was looking forward to eating the pie, but there was pumpkinile on it.
by KeatonXZX January 21, 2009
a circular formation similar to a huddle, where a group of people (usually members of a gang) huddle up around one person so that they can tag graffiti in broad daylight without anybody seeing it.
Ok guys, do g-circle before the guy that lives here get's back from the bar.
by KeatonXZX July 22, 2009
Rolling on the floor like, totally laughing dude.
Dude, did you see that video he made? I was ROTFLLD'n all night.
by KeatonXZX April 21, 2009