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3 definitions by KeJo

The splashing of dirty bong water on your lips while you are smoking marijuanna out of a water pipe.
Dude, Joe's bong is so small I get Bubbler BackSplash every time I smoke out of it.
by KeJo November 28, 2007
a person, usually parents or spouse, who pretend to hug you out of love, but are actually sniffing you like a dog to determine if you have consumed cigarettes, alcohol, or weed.
Dude, can't smoke, gotta go home to the bloodhound hug in 30 minutes.
by KeJo January 26, 2012
When a man gets toilet water mist on his scrotum after he flushes a public toilet while still sitting on it.
I went for the courtesy flush in the restaurant bathroom and damnit if I didn't get a severe case of misty balls.
by KeJo November 28, 2007