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1 definition by Kayla, Corbin, Joe

While a blindfolded female is performing fellacio on a man, the young gentlemen applies a generous portion of louisiana brand hot sauce to his genitals. Once fellacio resumes, you must block off nasal and oral breathing passages until she has fully injested hot sauce. Afterwards, the gentlemen forcably defecates in the young females mouth, repeating breathing obstruction. Once steps one and two have been completed, the most crucial step can take place. With the implementation of blunt force trauma; i.e. fist, or bat may be used. A decidedly powerful blow is directed towards the lower abdomial region, to induce forced regurgitation of said fecal matter and food flavorings.
I gave your mom a flamethrower last night.
by Kayla, Corbin, Joe October 05, 2008