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a noun or adjective describing a disease or symptom of a disease. Usually, when a young man manipulates his fingers into the curious shape of a gun, places them under his chin, sticks out his lips and cocks his head backward (to achieve a larger looking neck) and poses for a picture. Generally this disease is spread through hair gel contact where the infected sprouts gold chains from the back of his necks and grows, instantaneously, perfect gelfully spiked hair. If one catches this awful disease they are immediately, without warning, sequestered in New Jersey. This is where they receive the "Thong Song" treatment, by the reformed Sisqo (Dru Hill), until cured.
Guido drunk guy:"Hey who wants a Piggy Back Ride?"

General Public: "No way I'll get the Oogalie Boogalie"
by Katie M Buckner May 30, 2007
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