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3 definitions by Kanata Krew

comes from "no what i am saying" "boys"
we could go to play sting pong boyzee, nowaimsayin'...
by Kanata Krew July 08, 2004
2 5
The word Dice has several meanings; i.e. conquered, cool, or sweet. This was a word from the Kanata Krew's lingo.
- I think we should go play sting pong

- Dice
by Kanata Krew July 08, 2004
15 49
Abbreviation for not bad. The term NB comes from the Kanata Krew who one day decided to make their own lingo.
Did you like that movie we saw last night?

Yeah, I really thought it was NB.
by Kanata Krew July 07, 2004
46 111