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It's the combination of sex and tourist,one who spends more time travelling to find new brothels or having sex with new people rather than any other reason.
Kevin:Dude we came all the way to Mexico to seesight but you'r spending all you'r time in the hotel room to have sex.

Sam:yeah dude ofcourse i do,after all it's not for the hell of it they call me sexrist.
by Kamran Avarzamani July 10, 2008
Urbanize : one can urbanize himself inorder to understand slang words,this directly refer's to Urban Dictionary.
Jane:look Arnold, i don't understand a word you say.

Arnold:cause you have not Urbanized you'rself yet.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009
Sextrategy:is simply a strategy to get into ones pantis or pants.
Dave:look john i really care about her,but i just don't know how to approech her.

John:what you need is a good sextrategy.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009
Americanster: An americanster is and american gangster.
James:look out Tim the guy is an americanster an i dont want any trouble.

Tim:I figured,after i spotted his two strapped handguns.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009
It's the combination of sex and scared,used when someone get's cold feet talking to the opposite sex,or engaging in social acivities with the opposit sex,or when having sex ,or her/his sexual oriantations give them butterflies to do something.
Tom:Bro if i could only muster up the courage to walk up to her and dialogue her,she would know how much i care about her.

Cameron:Tom just stop being so sexcared,dude you'r sexcarity is having a negetive impact on you'r life.
by Kamran Avarzamani January 06, 2009
Weedolicious:refer's to a fine taste of weed,or a good weed,high quality weed.
Jim:hey jordan i have a weedolicious joint ,wanna try it?

Jordan:awsome let's light up some weedolicious.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009
Sexformance is basically one's ability or quality in engaging sexual activities.
Bro yestarday i blew in a night club and enjoyed myself one hell of a sexformance.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009

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