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Mikhaelah is Holly's best friend. She’s been here for Holly since seventh grade, through everything. They have parallel lives and parallel hearts. They’ve been going through the same bullshit simultaneously for the last four years. Mikhaelah always creates the best memories, the best conversations, the best everything. Her family will take anyone in, and they love all. Her parents are the parents of the world. If Mikhaelah is your best friend, you really couldn't ask for a better one. She’s put up with so much from other people, and she’s always shown through. She gets put through a lot. She's more than a best friend to someone and more than a sister to someone, she's a life support and a form of therapy. She's funny and witty and amazing to be around. She has the best taste in music and she'll astound you with her personality. Mikhaelah is the best thing to ever happen to this world. She's most unique person you'll ever know, and the best. You have to love Mikhaelah.
Boy: Gosh, I sure do love Mikhaelah.
Girl: Don't we all? Mikhaelah's so easy to love. It's MIKAHELAH! Like, duh.
Boy: I know. I don't think I know one person that DOESN'T love Mikhaelah.
Girl: That would be impossible.
Boy: Word.
by KAYLASBFFL June 22, 2010

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