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1 definition by Jyri Glynn

Anguisette is Jyri Glynn. Most notable for his work as the electric violinist and one of the founding members of Seattle goth band Tri-State Killing Spree, Jyri has since continued his dark musical journey with acclaimed deathrock band, The Sins.

Jyri has also made numerous studio and live appearances with underground artists such as The Quantum Dots, LoveSick, Lost Dogma, Genowen, 3 Deuces, & Sol Sirren (featuring Severina Sol formerly of Fockewolf & Diva Destruction).

Now with his solo premier as Anguisette, Jyri blends just the right amount of symphonic flare with modern electronic overtones.
by Jyri Glynn April 28, 2006
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