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1. See Republicans. 2. A chocolate flavored pop tart that tastes like poop.
Veek is such a poop tart. MMM PooP TarTZ
by Juwanna Seemahweena August 17, 2005
The worst sports car on the road. Oops, make that car. No wait they still make kia's? Nevermind. If you buy it your a dumbass, or just have knowlage of cars.
I've owned this car 2years and have had nothing but problems...had to replace the clutch, new tires, my drivers side window makes noice as it goes up and down. The sunroof squeaks as it opens and closes like the motor is going. The material around the shift ripped after 3 months...There have been 4 recalls on it already. I had replace 2 bulbs that cost me $160.00. Hyundai customer service is horrible...once you buy the car they don't want to hear it when something goes wrong and depreciation is horrible. I just sold it and bought a Toyota...The best move I made.1.It has been in the body shop to paint under the rear wing twice and they also had to paint the hood and roof on the Tiburon because the paint was webbing. 2.It has also been in the shop twice for brake problems on the passenger front. When I sometimes break the passenger from tire locks up when the car is has antilock breaks. The first time I brought it into the shop they bleed only the passenger front break and said they could not find a problem so they let it leave. It is in the shop for the same problem again but when it locked up in me this time it forced the car to slide to the right hitting a curb. Again the dealership states they have checked the break again and there is not a problem. I have read a few other forums with other owners complaining about the same problem about the passenger front break locking up during breaking. Would anyone have any suggestions where I might go to form a formal complaint. Also, the power windows stopped working and the If anyone has any comments please post them.
Oh yeah recently: My specific problems have been: 1)bad throttle position switch 2)windows and door locks failed--I think d/t inadequate lube and the extreme heat retained in the cabin during the summer months 3)some cold start sensor is bad--pain 'cause the dealer wants you to leave it for a day or two 4)customer service w/Hyundai dealers doesn't seem good anywhere you go--I don't know if it's because you don't pay much for a Hyundai, and thus they don't feel they owe you much?
by Juwanna Seemahweena August 17, 2005

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