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"Annointed Christian" or "Perfect Girl"
Todays term: A beautiful, caring, fun, super sexy girl with perfect lips and ass that most girls are jealous of. This girl is incredible. If you have the chance to meet her then your life will change for the better. She will drop everything in the world to help you out, go the extra mile to make you happy. This girl is by far the worlds most PERFECT girl. Every guys dream and every girls nightmear. She will kick your ass if you talk shit to or about her, yet can be your best friend if you have a good heart. Gorgeous, classy, super sexy, eyes to die for and a heart as big as GOD's.

Most likely to never date guys named

Eziekiel, Jeremy, Carlos, Jonathan, Rahual, Daniel, Brent, or any other similar names
To have Christina in your life is like winning the lottery.
If you had a chance to date Christina your one lucky guy.
Danny will never have a chance with Christina.
Jonathan wishes Christina loved him.
by Justtellinit Lieketiz December 06, 2011

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