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voicetress -
1. One who speaks what she is thinking in any given situation.
2. One who is forward in giving his or her opinions.
3. One who is opinionated.

e.g., “That old lady can be quite the voicetress. She talks all sorts of crap. I hate her guts.” “Why? Did you have some sort of run-in with her?” “Well . . . mmmm, not until I set her car on fire. Then we got into it.”
by Justin Moyle September 19, 2008
Death by chocolate, or chocolate related product.
He had such a sweet tooth that the doctor describe his death as Chocicide.
by Justin Moyle February 02, 2007
1. The quality of being very vibrant.
2. Being spectacular, exciting, fast moving, or metropolitian.
Melbourne has a certain Vibrance to idea, with all the cutlture and happening places.
by Justin Moyle February 02, 2007

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