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TDS= Trayvon Derangement Syndrome

"Insane state of mind and lack of critical thinking or sound reasoning on issues surrounding the George Zimmerman Murder II case. Often rising to the level of delusion and lowering to the level of (now colloquially known as) "Zimmbicility".

May also include the psychological transference of feelings as well as pathological projections. Often they take on the personality and confused mentality of the accused murderer himself by exhibiting unbalanced behaviors like willful obtuseness, particularly about manifest racism in the U.S.A (while holding racial resentments of their own), gross distortions and ignorance of law and the constitution of the U.S. as well as persecutory and grandiose delusions. Also there's a tendency for creepy sexual hero worship type fantasies about George Zimmerman himself. (regardless of gender)."
Those who say "George Zimmerman is a hero! or "George Zimmerman was the victim" have TDS.
by Just4Trayvon December 23, 2012

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