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Made the brilliant decision of promoting himself first. See for instance his commentary on TRUE ROMANCE, where he discusses in detail the conscious choices made in putting together his filmography. He's created a compelling public persona in the form of a tireless, foul-mouthed movie geek.

He also shamelessly loots other people's material, but given a pass, proving Van Gogh right that "an ounce of image is worth a pound of performance" (Compare with David Blaine).

To take an example at random, see for instance the famous adrenalin scene in the even more famous film PULP FICTION. As shot it is taken nearly word-for-word from a 70s Scorsese documentary on Steven Prince. Prince has all the details: medical dictionary, magic marker over the heart, the size of the needle, the jabbing motion, eyes popping open.

This is NOT homage. Homage is a way of honoring others, pedestalizing them. Tarantino is a self-promoter first. Go ahead and reference how the Duchess dances in ARISTOCATS, but taking someone else's story and shooting it almost exactly as described is just sorry.
Quentin Tarantino Fanboy: "Tarantino is tha muthafuckin' man, mah nigga! He killed off Hitler. I hear in his next movie he's gonna --"

You: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just give me twenty on 3.
by Just a Guy Ten July 31, 2010

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