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One who likes to sit there in church and just nod their head and believe everything their dumbass pastors say no matter how stupid.

a follower.
one who was very active in highschool extra curricular activities describing them as the best years of their life and yearns for those years again. the only solution is to go to church and seek enjoyment in people telling them once again that they are doing the right thing, they are correct, they will go to heaven-no matter what evil they do.

A selfish, self absorbed fool who doesnt realize that there are people out there who really need help.

A person who believes in a wasteful government, debt, borrowing, elitism, privledge, selfishness, war, paranoia, un-acceptance of others.

A person who conspires with crooks i.e. Cheney, Abrahamoff, Allen, Enron, Carlyle Group, Bush, DeLay, Rove, Rush L, Libby, the list continues to grow.......

A person who is more concerned with comforting themselves than the truth i.e. Rush limbaugh (actual drug addict).

"My pastor told me that the news is run by the Liberals so I dont watch the "secular media."
"Dumbass! Dont you know tha consevatives own most of the radio stations and control the FCC too!"

"Why should I give my hard earned money away to the homeless!"
"Because your stupid ass voted for Ronald Reagan who made the fucking homeless problem in the first place!"

"We need George Bush to keep us safe!"
"You idiot! Dont you know that no one in the Whitehouse listened when Clark was screaming we were going to be attacked on 9/11! and when we were attacked and the Secret Service told Bush that we were currently under attack he just sat there and didnt do shit!"

"I like Bush, he seems like an honest guy"
" You dumb redneck! Why do you think the Republican party is falling apart!? All their shit is catching up with them and now they are resigning in shame." " The truth gets exposed sooner or later."

by Junior Genius April 12, 2006

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