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An illegal activity that many perps find to be an enjoyable activity.

Father: So, Gunth what do you want for your 13th birthday? I hope it's a lady; cuz that's what I got you! *points to a lump of wrapping paper in the shape of a woman, it moves*
Gunther: Oh boy howdy! Just what I wanted. Thanks pop!
Father: I met her at Baja Fresh last night, she said she was Una Chica Fantastica!
Gunther: What?? I don't know what that means, I was born in this country.
Father: Me niether. You want to rape her after dinner?
Gunther: Sure! Dibs on dat pussy, bitch!
Audience: *laughs*
Mom: Oh this is so precious, let me get the camcorder
Gunther: Grandma??
Granny: If you fuck her pussy, and your father skull fucks her someone’s gotta get all up in dat ass!
Rape, fun for the whole family. . . . .

"Granny gonna tear dat ass up! RED SOCK! world series" - Grandmother

"O, RLY? *GULP*" - Una Chica Fantastica
by Junior AKA Joon-YUH January 03, 2006

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